Small Pet Boarding

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If your interested in booking you can either
Or fill in the Query Form

***Fully Booked For August***

Please make sure to include number of pets, if they share a cage and drop off and pick up dates

You can find out more information about prices here and the cages available here.

Check out the facebook page for discounts.

I offer Pet Sitting and Pet Boarding in my own home. Your pet will be looked after in a home setting normally in the front room. I am based in Morley, West Yorkshire an 20 min drive from Leeds just off the motorway.

I have experience with a number of pets as well currently owning Rats I run a Rattery and I have a pet Hamster, I have also owned Mice, Canaries, a Dog and Cats.
I would be happy to look after your Rats, Mice, Hamsters, Gerbils, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits and other small furries.
Prices start from £2.50 per day and then 50p or £1.00 per additional pet depending on the pet.  Rates are based on number of pets in cage and length of stay. I live in the Leeds area
I have a limited number of cages furent plus, freddys, Jenny,  2 low level cages but you are welcome to bring your own. Other larger cages are available.
I am able to make up large C & C cages for Guinea Pigs
I can provide dry food, fresh veg/fruit and hay. You pet/pets will receive daily handling.
Reductions available for longer stays.

There is a emergency vets less than 5 mins walk from my house.

Basic including in stay

    • Fresh veg/fruit every day.
    • Hay if required
    • Daily handling.
    • Treats (yoggies, dog biscuits, nuts)
  • Texts and pictures sent of pets to you while your away.

Cages are available to borrow with bedding more information here

*limited cages available so you may need to bring your own.