Borrowing a cage

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Cage borrows

There are a limited amount of cages so please make sure you book them in advance.

You can borrow cages at the following rates per stay. Please note cages come with a choice of bedding Wood Shavings or Cardboard squares and Back 2 Nature available to go in litter trays. If you are not borrowing a cage you need to bring your own bedding.

120cm (L) x 59cm (D) x 50cm (H) = £5 suitable for rabbits or 2 Guinea Pigs
C & C Cage (2 x 4 grids one floor) = £5 suitable for 2 to 4 Guinea Pigs (bigger available on request)
Mary cage, Alaska = £3 suitable for hamsters, mice and older rats
Freddy 2, Furet plus, Jenny = £3 suitable for rats

Please ask if you need a bigger cage