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I hope that these will answer any questions you might have.

1.  How do I book?

Either via the Query page or by emailing contact@morleysmallpetboarding.com

2. Will you look after so and so pet?

If you have a pet that I have not listed then just ask and I will see if it’s possible. Just remember that I am likely not to have any experience with them and may need detailed information.

3. Is there any pets that you will not look after?

Cats, Dogs, Parrots, Spiders and Snakes

4. I have a lot of pets are you able to look after them?

I have a large number of cages and can make up large C & C cages so this is possible but I highly recommend you book early as certain times of the year I have limited space. Prices are worked out per cage.

5. When am I able to pick up or drop off my pet/pets?

Most evenings and weekends. I work a full time job so am not available Monday to Friday in the day.

6. Why do you need an advance payment?

This is too confirm your booking. Your booking is not confirmed until it is paid. Please note if you want to cancel your booking it will be kept.

7. What is a retainer and why might it be kept?

It is a amount I require you to pay on drop off of your pet/pets together with the cost of the boarding. This price starts at £10 but can increase depending on number of pets and length of stay. You will get your retainer back all being well on pick up of your pet/pets. Part of It may be kept if you have supplied your own dry food but it runs out before you return to pick up your pets the cost of either using my own food or me going out to buy some will be taken out of this.
Days you may be unable to come pick up your pets costs will be taken out of it.
Damage to cages. Please note if you pet damages the cage in such a way that I am no longer able to use it. E.g chews they way out of the base. You will be required to source a replacement this can be second hand.
If your pet is requires to be taken to the vet this money will be used towards a appointment although this will not cover the full charge and the rest will need to be paid when you come to pick them up.

8. I need to borrow a cage for my pets to stay in?

I have cages available but they are limited so please check at the time of booking.

9. What happens if there is a issue and I am not able to pick up my pets on the day we agreed. E.g if my plane is delayed?

That’s not a issue as long as you let me know as soon as possible preferable 24 hours in advance. You can either ask a friend or family member to pick them up or they can stay extra days till you are able to pick them up and as long as I am available. *

* If I am going on holiday I will make you aware at time of booking and you must have someone else to come and pick them up before I go away if you are unable to.

10. I’ve only just found out I need to go away can you look after my pet?

I normally require at least 2 weeks notice for bookings. If less than 2 weeks notice is given it is likely that last minute booking fees may apply.